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Located within the sprawling embrace of Mega Bangna, a prominent shopping haven in Bangkok, our culinary journey led us to the japanese food haven known as Oishi Eaterium. This Japanese buffet gem is located within the bustling corridors of Mega Bangna, an expansive mall that stands as a testament to Bangkok’s vibrant shopping culture, housing a plethora of retail outlets and entertainment options.



Amidst the mall’s vibrant milieu, Oishi Eaterium beckoned to us, promising a culinary adventure deeply rooted in the heart of Japanese cuisine.  The essence of Oishi Eaterium lay in its ingenious concept—a sushi and Japanese food extravaganza that celebrated the rich diversity of flavors found in this revered cuisine.


“Our culinary escapade at Oishi Eaterium was marked by sheer amazement. The breadth and abundance of offerings were unparalleled, satisfying every culinary inclination. ”

A live counter unfolded before our eyes, adorned with a bounty of fresh sashimi, exquisite sushi, California rolls, and meticulously crafted maki. The chef’s dexterity was on full display as they worked their magic, transforming ingredients into edible masterpieces before our very eyes. The interactive experience of witnessing the chefs at work while selecting our preferred delicacies was a symphony of sights and flavors.

oishi eaterium

A staggering array of 20 to 30 different types of sushi and sashimi awaited our exploration, each piece a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to offering a true tapestry of Japanese flavors.

Beyond the sushi spectacle, an enchanting array of options awaited us. A station featured baked spinach and fish adorned with delectable tartare sauce. The heart of the restaurant unveiled a treasure trove of other Japanese delights, each beckoning to be savored.


The symphony of culinary craftsmanship continued with not one, but three live cooking stations. Here, we indulged in the pleasures of teppanyaki dishes made to order, each preparation a testament to the chef’s skill and dedication. But the journey did not end there—a dedicated counter offered the tantalizing experience of witnessing the creation of freshly made bingsu desserts, a sweet delight that brought a delightful conclusion to our culinary adventure.


As we reveled in the exquisite flavors, the scent of freshly brewed hot and iced coffee wafted through the air. A pastry and panna cotta counter stood ready to pamper our palates with sweet delights. Our senses were treated to panacotta, cheesecake, and tiramisu, each indulgence a fitting tribute to the culinary finesse that defined Oishi Eaterium.


Our culinary escapade at Oishi Eaterium was marked by sheer amazement. The breadth and abundance of offerings were unparalleled, satisfying every culinary inclination. The sheer magnitude of choices, for less than 800THB, from the pristine sashimi and sushi to the indulgent teppanyaki, spoke volumes of the restaurant’s commitment to authenticity and quality.

With an impressive allowance of 1 hour and 45 minutes, the experience was a symphony of indulgence that left us satiated and content. Every dish encapsulated the essence of Japanese cuisine, and the passion of the chefs shone through each morsel.

In the vibrant heart of Mega Bangna, Oishi Eaterium stands as a culinary haven where the exquisite flavors of Japan come alive, inviting guests to embark on an epicurean voyage like no other.


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