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Planning on stepping out of Thailand temporarily after securing a stay extension or a basic stay permit (related to tourist or non-immigrant visas)? You’d need a Re-Entry Permit to ensure that when you return, your visa remains valid.

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Who Requires a Re-Entry Permit in Thailand?

Anyone with a Single-Entry Visa, be it for tourism or non-immigration, requires a Re-Entry Permit if they intend to leave and return to Thailand without rendering their visa void. This is particularly beneficial for those with long-term commitments in Thailand, like students or workers, allowing them to re-enter Thailand without reapplying for a new visa.

Note: This permit doesn’t reset your visa duration. For instance, a 30-day visa won’t offer an additional 30 days upon re-entry with this permit.

Who Doesn’t Need a Re-Entry Permit?

Individuals in the following categories don’t require a Re-Entry Permit:

  • Those with a Visa On Arrival (15 days maximum and non-extendable).
  • Holders of Multiple-Entry Tourist or Non-Immigrant Visas, as they can exit and re-enter several times as per their visa’s validity.
  • Nationals from countries eligible for a Thailand Tourist Visa exemption


Types of Re-Entry Permits:

  1. Single Re-Entry Permit: For a one-time exit and re-entry.
  2. Multiple Re-Entry Permit: Allows multiple exits and re-entries for the visa’s valid duration.


Required Documentation: For a Re-Entry Permit application, provide:

  • A valid passport with the Thai visa stamp.
  • Photocopies of your passport’s relevant sections (personal details, issue/expiry date, the most recent Thailand entry stamp, and if available, an Extension of Stay stamp).
  • A recent photo (4 x 6 cm dimensions).
  • Completed Re-Entry Permit Form TM8.
  • Thailand Arrival/Departure Card (T.M.6) and its copy.
  • Any other documents relevant to your Thailand stay reason.


Application Procedure:

You can acquire a Re-Entry Permit in two primary ways:

  1. At an Immigration Office: If you’re aware of your departure in advance, you can visit a local Thai Immigration Office. Ensure you are aware of the office’s operational hours, bring all necessary documents, and carry enough money for the fees. Depending on the number of applicants, this can take from minutes to several hours.

  2. At an International Airport: If you want to avoid visiting the Immigration Office, you can apply directly at Thailand’s international airports on your travel day. However, ensure you arrive well before your flight time to accommodate any queues.

Note: Long-term residents in Thailand (like students or work permit holders) should first acquire a one-year Thai Visa Extension to be eligible for the Re-Entry Permit.

Re-Entry Permit Costs:

  • Single-Entry Permit: 1,000 Thai Baht
  • Multiple-Entry Permit: 3,800 Thai Baht

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