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The Bab Al Shams Hotel stands out as one of the exceptional resorts in Dubai. Its name in Arabic translates to “door to the sun,” truly making it a gateway to Dubai’s desert. Let Reviewed Asia introduce you to this unique place…

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Getting There

It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the doors of the Bab Al Shams Hotel from the center of Dubai, truly positioning it in the heart of the desert, away from city bustle. This offers visitors an utterly transformative experience.

You can take the Al Qudra road connected to the Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed highway to get to the resort if you have a vehicle, or use the hotel’s transfer service which can organize transport from the country’s international airports.

Upon arrival, you’ll be welcomed with a typical Bedouin tradition. At the reception, you’ll be offered a refreshing lemon-mint drink, the local’s choice to quench your thirst after your journey.

The hotel’s interior design, from its reception to its lavish rooms, is reminiscent of a palace straight out of the tales of ‘One Thousand and One Nights’. This is evident in the vibrant decor, traditional solid wood furniture, and rich Arabian rugs. A life-sized bronze camel even greets guests, providing the perfect photo opportunity at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa.


bab al shams dubai
bab al shams dubai

The Setting

Embracing local architecture, the hotel is inspired by Emirati Bedouin culture.

Structured like an ancient village and fortress in the desert, the hotel is composed of individual buildings resembling the traditional homes of the country.

Imagine being surrounded by endless sand and dunes, providing the ultimate relaxation away from city chaos.

As you wander the property, it feels like navigating the narrow streets of a desert oasis. Despite the arid environment, the hotel boasts green spaces and water features, offering refreshment throughout the year.

Water is prevalent throughout the resort, from irrigation channels reminiscent of the Bedouin’s ancient techniques to various fountains scattered around.

The lush greenery is astounding, home to palm trees, cacti, aloe vera plants, and flowering trees. This oasis hosts numerous species of birds, lizards, and other desert creatures.

Taking quiet strolls during early morning or dusk may even reward you with sightings of gazelles grazing nearby. At night, the resort transforms. Lit by moonlight and traditional Arabian lamps, the view from Bab Al Shams Resort & Spa is utterly romantic.


bab al shams dubai
bab al shams dubai

The Rooms

The hotel offers four room categories ranging from 37 to 65m²: superior rooms, terrace rooms, junior suites, and deluxe suites.

Each room is designed after the traditional Emirati homes. The attention to detail, from the alcove placements holding traditional items to the solid wood furniture, feels as though the rooms were carved from the desert sand.

Bathrooms are architectural marvels, making guests feel as if they’ve entered an Arabian hammam. While the design leans traditional, modern comforts like air conditioning, LCD TVs, and coffee machines are standard in every room.


bab al shams dubai
bab al shams dubai

Well-being and Leisure

The resort’s infinity pool, with its stunning desert view, is a significant attraction and has graced numerous social media posts and photographs. In total, the resort boasts three pools: the main infinity pool, a family pool, and a children’s pool. There’s also a mini-golf course and outdoor play area for kids.

For fitness and relaxation, there’s a gym and the Satori Spa, which offers various treatments and massages in a soothing setting. The resort also arranges desert activities, from open-top jeep rides to exploring local fauna, morning dune biking, sunset camel rides, and falconry shows.


bab al shams dubai
bab al shams dubai


Al Forsan The all-day dining restaurant of the hotel, Al Forsan, offers an exquisite breakfast buffet blending local and international dishes. It also serves à la carte lunch and dinner menus, with a buffet option on weekends.

Al Hadheerah Perhaps one of the most impressive and popular attractions for both Dubai tourists and locals, Al Hadheerah offers a unique dining experience set amidst the desert, accompanied by spectacular performances each evening.

Constructed like a desert fortress, the restaurant complex includes a souk with vendors selling souvenirs and local products, a museum village depicting early inhabitants’ life, and an open area housing kitchens and various unlimited buffet stations.

The culinary offerings are vast, with local specialties such as ouzzi, a slow-cooked lamb with rice, and chicken biryani. The dessert buffet is equally impressive, offering local treats like lugaimat and Umm Ali.

Every evening, the restaurant entertains guests with high-quality folklore dances, oud players, dervish spinners, and belly dancers. A highlight is the heritage show, featuring outdoor live cavalry scenes.

During summer, the restaurant is covered and air-conditioned for comfort. In other seasons, guests can dine under the starry sky, even enjoying weekend fireworks displays.

To book a dinner show at Al Hadheerah in Bab Al Shams, contact us.


bab al shams dubai
bab al shams dubai


Final Verdict

Bab Al Shams is one of those once-in-a-lifetime hotel experiences everyone should witness. With its spectacular setting, personalized service, quality cuisine, and unique restaurants, it’s no wonder Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is a coveted destination for Dubai visitors.

Our stay was extraordinary and unforgettable. Leaving the hotel with cherished memories and countless photographs, we highly recommend it to anyone looking to spend a few nights in Dubai’s desert during their UAE trip.

“Bab Al Shams is one of those once-in-a-lifetime hotel experiences everyone should witness. With its spectacular setting, personalized service, quality cuisine, and unique restaurants, it's no wonder Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa is a coveted destination for Dubai visitors..”

bab al shams dubai

Contact Info

Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
Al Qudra Road, PO Box 8168
Dubai, UAE
Tel: +971 4 8096100 
Fax: +971 4 8326698
[email protected]

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