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Located just a few paces from the bustling Udom Suk BTS station on Sukhumvit 70 lies Kodtalay, a veritable oasis for seafood aficionados. This isn’t just another seafood restaurant; it’s an expansive gastronomic journey set against the backdrop of a serene outdoor setup.


Ambiance and Atmosphere:

As you step into Kodtalay, the first thing that strikes you is its vastness. The meticulously planned open-air layout offers a refreshing change from the typical indoor dining spaces. The use of natural elements combined with subtle lighting creates an ambiance that is both appealing and family-friendly.

kodtalay udom suk
Interactive Culinary Delight:
The heart of Kodtalay’s unique dining experience is the individual barbecue incorporated at every table. It’s not just about tasting; it’s about experiencing. The thrill of grilling fresh seafood to your liking, under the open sky, is both empowering and delightful.
kodtalay udom suk

“The restaurant seamlessly combines quality, variety, and ambiance, backed by an attentive staff that ensures your experience is nothing short of exceptional.”

Seafood Galore
Kodtalay’s buffet is akin to a treasure trove for seafood lovers. The sheer variety is staggering. From the succulent shrimp, soft shell crab, and mussels to the regal king crab and rock crab, the offerings represent the very best of the ocean’s bounty. Each seafood item is fresh, retaining the natural flavors that are further elevated when grilled.
One cannot talk about Kodtalay without mentioning the live seafood aquariums running alongside the dining area. This immersive feature lets patrons catch their chosen seafood, bridging the gap between source and plate. It’s a visceral experience, watching your selected catch turn into a culinary masterpiece on your personal grill.
kodtalay udom suk

Expertly Curated Stations

Apart from the main seafood selection, the buffet is enriched by several expertly curated stations. The spicy crab curry, with its delicate blend of spices, is a must-try. The sushi and sashimi station stands as a testament to Kodtalay’s commitment to diverse seafood experiences. Freshly made by experienced chefs, you have the option to indulge on the spot or place an order, and the delectable morsels are brought straight to your table.

kodtalay udom suk
Decadent Desserts
Kodtalay ensures the dining experience is rounded off on a sweet note. The dessert station is nothing short of a dream for those with a sweet tooth. From fresh, exotic fruits and creamy ice creams to intricately crafted cakes, there’s plenty to satiate one’s sugary cravings. And if you’re in the mood for something uniquely Thai, their mango sticky rice or traditional Thai desserts are a must-try.
kodtalay udom suk


What sets Kodtalay apart is not just its unmatched seafood spread but the lack of time constraints. This gives diners the luxury of time to savor, relish, and truly immerse themselves in the culinary journey.
The restaurant seamlessly combines quality, variety, and ambiance, backed by an attentive staff that ensures your experience is nothing short of exceptional. If Sukhumvit had a crown for the most immersive seafood dining, Kodtalay would undoubtedly be its jewel. For those seeking a dining adventure that’s both rich in flavor and experience, Kodtalay beckons.

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