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Embracing the essence of New Mexico’s coffee culture, Udomsuk welcomes a unique addition to its landscape.

Located just moments away from BTS Udom Suk, La Mesa Coffee Co. introduces a distinctive realm of specialty coffees within an ambiance that draws inspiration from the desert wilderness of New Mexico.

Owned by American coffee enthusiasts, Gary and Michelle Ford, the establishment exudes an air of authenticity with adobe-style arches and carefully placed succulents, crafting a picturesque backdrop for savoring innovative concoctions.

la mesa cafe co bangkok

Stepping inside, you’re greeted by an interior adorned with alternating pink and white hues, complemented by glass elements that beautifully showcase the café’s Mexican-style décor.

Upon entering, your eyes will catch sight of an expansive coffee counter, while the opposite side boasts a captivating pink wall, thoughtfully designed as a picturesque backdrop for customers seeking a perfect photo spot. The café’s interior radiates a serene and inviting atmosphere, amplified by its spacious layout, predominantly white tones, and generous use of glass, creating an airy and tranquil environment.

la mesa coffee co bangkok

The café offers a variety of seating arrangements within the premises, including at the bar or at tables, allowing patrons to select their preferred spot in line with their individual tastes.

Their menu encompasses both savory dishes and delightful baked goods. The savory choices showcase a Mexican touch, while their bakery section presents an array of cakes, waffles, and more. 

la mesa coffee co bangkok

 The café’s ambiance played a significant role in enhancing our overall experience. An ideal spot for meet-ups or leisurely waits, the café’s strategic location near the Udom Suk BTS train station, just a 5-minute walk away, made accessibility a breeze. 

It’s worth noting that La Mesa Coffee Co. doesn’t just offer delightful food and beverages, but also provides a selection of coffee beans and souvenirs for sale. For coffee aficionados, this corner is a treasure trove to explore.

Reaching La Mesa Coffee Co. is straightforward, especially via train, as it’s located near the Udomsuk station, making for a convenient commute. Simply alight at Udomsuk station, take exit number 3, and follow the path to the café.

“The café's interior radiates a serene and inviting atmosphere, amplified by its spacious layout, predominantly white tones, and generous use of glass, creating an airy and tranquil environment.”


In conclusion, La Mesa Coffee Co. presents a unique and captivating experience, blending Mexican-inspired décor with a serene and inviting atmosphere. The café’s thoughtful design, marked by alternating pink and white tones, glass elements, and thematic decorations, sets the stage for a memorable visit. With a menu that spans from savory delights to delectable baked goods, and innovative beverages that range from coffee sodas to refreshing choices, the café truly caters to a diverse palate.

The quality of offerings, coupled with the café’s popularity among both locals and foreigners, underscores its worthiness as a culinary destination. The accessibility via the Udomsuk train station adds to its convenience, making it an ideal spot for rendezvous or solitary moments of relaxation. As we bid adieu to our exploration of La Mesa Coffee Co., we can’t help but look forward to future visits and the delight of indulging in its delightful offerings once more.

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