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Discovering the realm of boutique hotels across Thailand, from Phuket to Hua Hin, is akin to stepping into a dream, and Bangkok’s landscape brims with an array of distinctive properties.

Tucked within convenient proximity to an array of must-visit destinations in the heart of the Thai capital, Sala Rattanakosin is an establishment that should unquestionably find its place on your list if you’re seeking a luxurious stay accompanied by unparalleled service.



Often heralded as the birthplace of Bangkok, Rattanakosin holds a prominent spot on the western side of the formidable Chao Phraya River. It embraces iconic sites like The Grand Palace, an erstwhile royal abode dating back to 1875, and housing the revered Wat Phra Kaew, or the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.

Rattanakosin also harbors Wat Pho, the pioneering seat of learning in the new capital, which houses the country’s largest reclining Buddha.

Reviewing Sala Rattanakosin, Bangkok

Set directly across the “River of Kings” from Rattanakosin stands Wat Arun, or the Temple of Dawn, an alluring attraction in its own right. Nestled along the riverside amidst this picturesque panorama is the boutique haven known as Sala Rattanakosin, an embodiment of the age-old adage “location, location, location.”

Sala Rattanakosin

"The building's historical essence is apparent through an exposed concrete support pillar, while the beaten metal of the wash basin introduces another layer of texture. ”

The Atmosphere and Hotel Ambiance

Debuting in 2013, Sala Rattanakosin emerges from the revitalization of a nearly century-old row of shophouse buildings situated within the vibrant Tha Tien sub-district of Old Bangkok.

The establishment’s transformation exudes a minimalist aesthetic, seamlessly melding contemporary elements onto surfaces that unveil the original construction materials such as raw brickwork, wood, and exposed concrete beams.

The ground level of this five-story edifice is dedicated to the hotel’s reception area. Step inside and find The Terrace, an enchanting riverfront dining space catering to breakfast and all-day sustenance, where the captivating presence of Wat Arun takes center stage.

sala-rattanakosin-bangkok (1)

 Whether bathed in daylight or illuminated by night, the restaurant boasts unparalleled vistas A wide spiral staircase leads to the first floor, where the signature restaurant dazzles in black and white motifs.

Floor-to-ceiling windows adorned with reflective glass seamlessly integrate the Temple of Dawn and the flowing river into the interior, captivating the senses. The hotel’s pinnacle is reserved for the rooftop bar and lounge, an oasis affording mesmerizing river views. Intermediate levels house the guest accommodations.

Sala Rattanakosin

In the lanes and narrow alleys that encircle the hotel, the day comes alive with the bustling activity of workers transporting laden trolleys from ancient shophouse warehouses. Parcels upon parcels of supplies are conveyed to waiting vans and motorcycle carts, destined for other corners of the city. Merely 70 meters away on Maharat Road, a tide of tourists ebbs and flows as they journey between the area’s renowned attractions.

Sala Rattanakosin

The Accommodations

Stepping into my Wat Arun Riverview Deluxe room (featured in the main image) offered a study in contrast, with its king bed adorned in soft white linens juxtaposed against the noir walls and floors.

The floor-to-ceiling window introduced vibrant hues through the ceaseless activity and movement on the river below. Notably, the ever-present Wat Arun, crowned with its 70-meter-high central stupa and encircled by four smaller spires, rendered the daybed by the window a favored retreat.


The building’s historical essence is apparent through an exposed concrete support pillar, while the beaten metal of the wash basin introduces another layer of texture. Glass bottles of water, jars brimming with mini-bar treats, and refillable ceramic dispensers for toiletries exemplify the hotel’s commitment to reducing single-use plastics.

sala rattanakosin_river_view_deluxe

culinary delights

Indulging in breakfast at The Terrace became a cherished ritual, thanks to its riverside panorama and an artfully curated selection of Western, Thai, or Healthy Choice menus. Alternatively, the breakfast set alleviates any decision-making challenges during that time of day.

The lunch and dinner menus prove comprehensive, featuring an enticing fusion of Thai specialties and Western classics. A zesty fish ceviche with fresh passionfruit delivered a delightful surprise, while the Chef’s Special, showcasing Salmon Three Ways, ignited culinary inspiration.

sala-rattanakosin-bangkok (2)


Sala Rattanakosin stands as a quintessential gem in the heart of Bangkok, offering an unforgettable fusion of history, culture, and modern luxury. Its repurposed shophouse charm, complemented by minimalist elegance, creates an ambiance that resonates with both history enthusiasts and contemporary travelers.

In this boutique haven, where tradition meets innovation, guests are treated to not just accommodation, but an immersive journey through the essence of Bangkok. Sala Rattanakosin’s commitment to sustainability, evident in its thoughtful practices and attention to environmental concerns, further amplifies its charm.

Whether indulging in delectable cuisines or venturing into the vibrant city’s pulse, the hotel’s central location ensures that every aspect of Bangkok’s allure is within arm’s reach. In a city that hums with life and whispers secrets from the past, Sala Rattanakosin stands as a serene oasis, an enchanting chapter in the grand tale of Bangkok’s boundless allure.



For more information or to make a reservation:

Sala Rattanakosin Bangkok

39 Maharat Road, Rattanakosin Island, Bangkok 10200 Thailand

T +66-2-622-1388

M +66-81-936-1388

F +66-2-622-1389

E [email protected]


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