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Battle Conquer Muay Thai Gym is located in the heart of Thailand, surrounded by acres of rice fields and set to a backdrop of the famous Phetchabun Mountains.

If you are coming from Bangkok, they will arrange the transfer to their location at a fee. Else you can reach the camp by your own by car or by taking a bus from the Mochit Terminal in Bangkok to the city of Petchabun. From there, you need to organize private transportation to the camp.

battle conquer petchabun

our experience

Incredible Experience! From the moment I arrived, the warmth of the staff and the vibrant atmosphere set the perfect tone.

I embarked on the Wellness Package for a rejuvenating two-week stay, aiming to regain my strength, find mental clarity, and establish a healthy routine. I must say, I was reluctant to say goodbye!

The program is meticulously designed, striking a perfect balance and catering to diverse preferences.

The team, including instructors, couldn’t be better – a group of wonderful individuals who are not only professionals but also genuinely kind-hearted. The coaching is clear and accommodating for all levels of proficiency.

battle conquer petchabun

Starting the mornings with meditation and yoga sessions led by Chris or Grace was a soul-soothing experience, enveloped in the natural sounds and gentle rhythm of drums.

Then, the Muay Thai training would kick in, commencing with a comprehensive 30-minute warm-up and concluding with an enjoyable cool-down (often in the form of creative games) and stretching.

Each instructor exhibited attentiveness, patience, and a commitment to teaching the right techniques. Their infectious enthusiasm and good-natured humor infused every session with joy and challenge, tailored to individual capacities. The music selection added to the energetic vibe.

battle conquer petchabun

Battle Conquer’s picturesque location offers a plethora of activities, which you can engage in at your pace. The supportive environment, both from the staff and fellow guests, fosters a sense of camaraderie.

The culinary offerings were a delight – meals bursting with flavor, featuring fresh meats, eggs, vegetables, and fruits. Every dish was a treat, and the availability of plant-based protein drinks was a welcome bonus.

battle conquer muay thai

Accomodation on site is also offered and you can occupy individual or shared rooms with other fellow participants during your stay. I lodged in one of the White Saloon Rooms – a comfortable haven with private wet rooms, meticulously cleaned by the attentive housekeeping staff daily. The efficient laundry service was a convenience appreciated.

battle conquer muay thai


Being a novice, I truly value the team’s constant readiness to impart techniques. Their approach is not only educational but also infused with humor and creativity, making learning Muay Thai an enjoyable journey.

The scheduling is thoughtfully designed, allowing flexibility to adjust according to one’s physical capabilities. The array of excursion choices adds to the experience.


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