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getting there

RBN Muay Thai is located few hundred meters away from the Bang Na Crossing, on the Sanpawut road. It is conveniently located between the 2 BTS stations of Udom Suk and Bang Na.

Both BTS stations benefit from a sky bridge and if you get down at any of them, you can reach RBN Muay Thai location by walk. Count about 20 minutes walk from Udom Suk BTS station and 15 minutes from Bang Na station. If you hop on a taxi-bike, you would reach RBN Muay Thai location within 5-10 minutes, depending on traffic.

Note that since RBN Muay Thai is located within a private school facility, there is empty of parking space in case you come on your own. You can use the school parking space for free, but they also have their own private parking.


our experience

I had an incredible experience at RBN Muay Thai in Bangkok! As a passionate martial arts enthusiast, I was looking for an authentic and challenging training environment, and RBN Muay Thai delivered beyond my expectations.

From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was charged with energy and dedication. The trainers are not only skilled professionals but also genuinely passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping you improve. They create a supportive and motivating environment, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fighter.


All RBN Muay Thai trainers are former pro Muay Thai champions, with impressive pedigrees. Some, like the owner, being even former Lumpini champions.

Muay Thai is a family style club where you can come practice Muay (thaï boxing), even if you are a beginner. The group sessions, that last 45mins to 1 hour are all designed so that you can get the maximum pleasure out of your training, while learning the basics of thai boxing.

If you are new to Muay Thai, the team at RBN Muay Thai will take a few minutes to demonstrate you the basics movements of thai boxing, so you don’t get lost later once the session as started.

The training sessions are frequented by men, women and kids alike. They consist of 5 minutes of warming up, 4 minutes of cardio, generally running, and then 3 sparing rounds of 4 minutes each, with 1 minute rest in-between. More cardio exercises may be added after that.

The session is then concluded with 3 series of 3 sets of body weight exercises. 

The training sessions were intense and tailored to each individual’s skill level and goals. The combination of technique drills, pad work, sparring, and conditioning pushed me to my limits and helped me make significant progress in my Muay Thai skills. The trainers provided constructive feedback that allowed me to refine my techniques and enhance my overall performance.

rbn muay thai bangkok

The club is fully equipped with a weights and machine equipment area. They are free to use, before and after the session, for whoever joins a group class.

The gym facilities are well-maintained and equipped, offering everything you need for a comprehensive training experience.

Complete beginners will be pleased to know that all boxing equipment can be borrowed for free at RBN. You just need to bring your sports clothes. There are also showers and toilets for men and women.


The sense of camaraderie among the fellow participants created a positive and supportive community, and I made new friends from all around the world.

RBN Muay Thai is a gem for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of Muay Thai. Whether you’re a dedicated fighter or someone seeking an unforgettable fitness experience, RBN Muay Thai offers expert training, a welcoming community, and a chance to connect with the rich heritage of this ancient martial art. My time here was transformative, and I can’t wait to return for more growth, challenges, and amazing memories.

Highly recommended!


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