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Participating in a dhow dinner cruise in Dubai turned out to be a journey that perfectly merged tradition, luxury, and breathtaking views. This unique experience, set against the iconic Dubai skyline, provided a splendid blend of culture, cuisine, and entertainment, making it an evening to remember.

the experience

The adventure began with the driver’s arrival at our hotel around 6:30 pm. As we embarked on the journey to the boat, the anticipation in the air was palpable. Our fellow participants were gradually picked up from various hotels, and after about an hour of commuting, we found ourselves at the pier, where our vessel awaited us.

dhow cruise diner review dubai
The dhow, a traditional wooden boat once used for merchandise transport across the Persian Gulf, had undergone a remarkable transformation into a floating restaurant. Stepping on board, we were greeted by the charm of its two decks. The lower deck, with its full-view windows and air conditioning, provided a comfortable and elegant setting. On the other hand, the upper deck offered an open-air space that promised unobstructed views of the surrounding beauty.
Before setting sail, we took a moment to capture the memory with a souvenir picture. With the boat ready to depart, our hearts raced with anticipation as we were about to explore Dubai from a perspective that few get to experience.
dhow cruise diner review dubai

The cruise offered two distinct itineraries, each presenting a different facet of Dubai’s allure. The first route took us through the old town and the historic neighborhood of Deira, allowing us to glimpse the city’s rich past. The second route showcased Dubai’s modern marvels, cruising through the dazzling Dubai Marina area and passing by the magnificent Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island that defied imagination.

As we sailed through the glistening waters, our senses were further treated to a feast for the taste buds. A five-star buffet was laid out on board, boasting an array of dishes that transcended borders. From international delicacies to local Arabic and Indian flavors, the buffet was a culinary journey in itself, elevating the evening to new heights.

“the dhow dinner cruise was a symphony of experiences that showcased Dubai's rich heritage and dynamic modernity.”

However, the grandeur didn’t stop there. The entertainment on board was nothing short of captivating. Private performances featuring the mesmerizing tanoora dance and the enchanting belly dancers added an air of mystique and wonder to the evening. The rhythmic movements and vibrant costumes added an element of culture and festivity to the cruise.

dhow cruise review dubai

As the hours unfolded, it was clear that time had passed in a blink of an eye. Two hours of cruising, dining, and entertainment had flown by, leaving us with cherished memories. As the boat returned to the pier, it was time to bid farewell to the enchanting experience. Our driver, waiting at the pier, ensured a seamless transition back to reality as we made our way back to the hotel.


In retrospect, the dhow dinner cruise was a symphony of experiences that showcased Dubai’s rich heritage and dynamic modernity. From the traditional vessel’s transformation to a floating restaurant to the panoramic views of the city’s landmarks, and the exquisite cuisine and captivating performances, every aspect of the journey contributed to an unforgettable evening that will forever be etched in our hearts

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