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Venturing into the heart of the Dubai desert for a private safari, followed by an enchanting overnight glamping experience, was an extraordinary journey that seamlessly combined thrill, culture, and ultimate comfort. From the moment our driver whisked us away in a brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser 4×4, the promise of a unique and unforgettable escapade was already in the air.

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the experience

The expedition kicked off with a picturesque 45-minute drive from Dubai city to the desert’s entrance. As we reached the entry point, the transformation began. The driver and our experienced guide skillfully deflated the tires of the vehicle, a crucial step to ensure safe navigation on the sandy terrain. With the car now prepared for the desert’s embrace, we embarked on the exhilarating adventure that awaited.

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Dune bashing, an off-road driving experience across the undulating sand dunes, was an activity that both excited and amazed us. The 4×4 navigated the dunes with finesse, creating a thrill akin to riding a roller coaster on the sands. The heart-pounding excitement and the feeling of being completely engulfed by the desert’s vastness were sensations that left us utterly captivated.

Throughout the journey, we made three exhilarating stops at the zenith of dunes, where we marveled at the breathtaking vistas and took souvenir pictures that would forever encapsulate the magic of the desert.
A highlight of the trip was witnessing the sun gracefully bid adieu to the desert, casting an ethereal glow across the landscape. The vibrant hues of the sunset painted the sky with shades of orange and pink, creating a visual symphony that felt like a dream.
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Our next destination was the campsite, thoughtfully arranged for an unforgettable evening and night. The camp’s allure lay in its diverse sections – a lounge area, a dining space, and a sleeping quarter adorned with elegant bell tents. While our gracious hosts prepared dinner, we took the chance to experience desert archery, trying our hand at hitting dummy targets with bows and arrows.

“The private safari and overnight glamping experience had taken us on a captivating journey that seamlessly blended excitement, luxury, and cultural immersion.”

In the lounge area, amidst cushions and carpets, we enjoyed refreshing drinks, soaking in the serenity of the desert. As the dinner bell rang, we moved to the dining area, where we embraced the Arabic tradition of dining on low tables surrounded by plush cushions. The feast consisted of Arabic mezze, an assortment of delectable small dishes that delighted our taste buds. The centerpiece, a freshly grilled barbecue, featured succulent lamb, chicken, and beef meats, seasoned with local spices that brought out the authentic flavors of the region.

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Indulging in baklava and sipping on tea and coffee completed the culinary journey, leaving us sated and satisfied. The night’s embrace was offered by the luxurious bell tents, fully furnished with bedding, pillows, and blankets to ensure a comfortable night’s rest amidst the cooler desert temperatures.

The following morning, a camel excursion infused the adventure with a touch of tradition. Riding through the desert and between the dunes on these magnificent creatures was a serene experience that allowed us to connect with the ancient desert way of life.
Returning to the camp, a delightful breakfast spread awaited us, featuring fresh bread, croissants, jams, cereals, and an assortment of beverages. The hearty meal provided the perfect fuel for the journey back to Dubai.

review desert safari dubai


As we boarded the cars for the return, we couldn’t help but reflect on the magic that unfolded in the heart of the desert. The private safari and overnight glamping experience had taken us on a captivating journey that seamlessly blended excitement, luxury, and cultural immersion, leaving us with memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

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