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Situated in the heart of the iconic RCA road, the Easy Kart Bangkok in the RCA Plaza building is not just a go-karting venue but a delightful fusion of thrill, comfort, and customer service.

the experience

The moment you approach the venue, one of the immediate conveniences is the availability of free outdoor parking. This is particularly noteworthy in a bustling city like Bangkok. But, a word to the wise – ensure you get your parking ticket stamped at the Easy Kart reception. It’s these small touches that show they care about their customers’ entire experience, not just the time spent racing.

go karting bangkok

For first-timers, the initiation process is systematic yet user-friendly. Their self-service registration area, equipped with four computers, makes the setup process efficient. The photo-capture feature feels both personalized and professional, reminiscent of a high-end sporting event. Upon completion, you’re handed a membership card, which although free, feels like a ticket to an exclusive club.

go karting bangkok
Security and convenience are cleverly intertwined here. Lockers are available for personal belongings, a feature I greatly appreciated. Given the fast-paced nature of go-karting, it’s essential to ensure no personal items fall out during the race.
One of the standout features of Easy Kart Bangkok is their range of karts. They genuinely cater to every skill level. Whether you’re a newbie testing the waters with their regular karts, a seasoned racer looking for a bit more speed, or even a child eager for a taste of the track, there’s something for everyone.
go karting bangkok

While waiting might be the bane of many experiences, this is certainly not the case here. The waiting lounge is nothing short of plush. Spacious sofas beckon after a day of excitement, and the free pool tables are a brilliant touch, allowing for some friendly competition off the track. The refreshment counter is the cherry on top, ensuring that racers and spectators alike are well-hydrated and indulged.

go karting bangkok

“Easy Kart Bangkok is not just a venue; it's an experience. ”

Safety, a critical aspect of any racing experience, is clearly a priority at Easy Kart Bangkok. The comprehensive safety briefing for first-timers is both reassuring and informative, covering everything from basic kart operations to the nuances of track signs and flags.

go karting bangkok

Then comes the pièce de résistance – the race itself. The 8-minute session, irrespective of your kart choice, feels like an eternity of adrenaline and excitement. The facility for friends to watch, cheer, and capture moments is a thoughtful inclusion, making the experience more communal.

go karting bangkok

Post-race, the printed statistics provide a tangible memory of your experience. They’re not just numbers but a testament to your skill, speed, and spirit on the track.

go karting bangkok


In conclusion, Easy Kart Bangkok is not just a venue; it’s an experience. The meticulous attention to detail, from equipment maintenance to customer service, makes it stand out. It’s more than just a go-karting track; it’s a place where memories are made. Whether you’re a resident of Bangkok or just passing through, this is one stop that should unquestionably be on your itinerary.

go karting bangkok
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