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When stepping into the realm of “Ministry of Roasters,” you enter a world of exceptional coffee and delights, carefully crafted for your enjoyment.

Nestled half way through Sukhumvit 101/1, in the district of Phra Khanong, this establishment seamlessly blends the roles of a café and a roasting lab, curating an exquisite selection of superior coffee beans sourced from both global destinations and local Thai origins.

This coffee haven sprung forth from the owner’s genuine ardor for coffee, coupled with a fervent desire to share the intricate nuances of coffee production.


Dedicated to the art of roasting and the artistry of extraction, visitors can indulge in a diverse array of specialty coffee beverages. The skilled barista team, renowned champions of various coffee competitions, guarantees a pure and exquisite coffee experience.

Upon entering, the cafe is infused with the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans. Amidst this aromatic symphony, you’ll find your seat within the shop’s distinct zones.

ministry of roasters bangkok

For signature beverages, the Espresso Bar & Counter Zone awaits, while the Cupping Zone offers an intimate tasting encounter with the baristas.

The Slow Zone, adorned with minimalist decor, provides a serene ambiance with light-hued wooden furniture and generous glass windows welcoming natural light.

And then, the Roasting Zone—where the meticulous roasting process unfolds to capture the essence of unforgettable aroma.

If a serene concentration space is desired, venture to the garden area, an oasis of calm amidst the lively café environment.

ministry of roasters bangkok

Highly recommended selections encompass the Single Origin Filter Coffee Hot (120 THB), Single Origin Filter Coffee Drip on Ice (120 THB), Yellow Sky (130 THB), Coconut Cold Brew (120 THB), and Dirty Original Coffee (120 THB).

Unique creations like the Pla Kim Khai Tao (120 THB), a Thai-style vermicelli in coconut milk, and the refreshing Rose Valley Soda (150 THB) tempt the palate.

The captivating Yellow Sky (130 THB) showcases three distinct layers—luscious lemon jam at the base, rich coffee in the middle, and velvety milk foam above. A sprig of rosemary adorns the concoction, yielding a harmonious blend of mellow coffee with zesty-sweet lemon notes.

“When stepping into the realm of "Ministry of Roasters," you enter a world of exceptional coffee and delights, carefully crafted for your enjoyment.”


For an unexpected twist, the shop surprises with delightful Tea Milk (110 THB), adorned with thin lemon slices, and the luscious Matcha Milk Tea (110 THB), offering an unexpected but delectable departure from coffee.

Indulge further with the Cheese Cake Burnt Face (120 THB), a splendidly buttery and textured cheesecake, ideally enjoyed alongside a cup of coffee.

Although the space might experience the hustle of popularity, the Ministry of Roasters remains an exceptional destination for coffee enthusiasts.

For those inspired to replicate the experience at home, over 30 coffee bean flavors and an array of coffee-making equipment are available for purchase.

Located at 101/1 Sukhumvit Road, adjacent to Lotus Express, ample parking facilities await, inviting you to embark on a truly remarkable coffee journey.


In the heart of Bangkok’s bustling energy, the “Ministry of Roasters” emerges as a haven for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike. With an exquisite fusion of artistry and craftsmanship, this café-roasting lab fusion invites patrons to immerse themselves in a world of unparalleled coffee experiences.

From the alluring aroma of freshly roasted beans to the skillful baristas crafting each cup, the Ministry of Roasters exemplifies a dedication to the coffee craft. Whether you’re drawn to the layered delights of Yellow Sky or the unexpected allure of Matcha Milk Tea, this establishment promises a journey of flavors, aromas, and moments that define the true essence of coffee appreciation.

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