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Who would have thought that tucked away in Soi Sukhumvit 66 lies a hidden gem of a coffee shop, accompanied by a fresh green space awaiting your visit? Here, you can sit back and savor your coffee while immersed in the ambiance of an English garden. The expansive lawn area, open on weekends, offers a canvas for creative activities.

66 cottage cafe bangkok

This space is designed as a green oasis where the local community can unwind and partake in collective activities. Beyond the coffee shop, there are additional offerings like a vegetable salad and organic rice shop, as well as a chemical-free handmade leather store. The lush lawn serves as a backdrop for events like garden yoga and agricultural workshops.

You’ll have the pleasure of enjoying an exceptionally cozy indoor space, abundant with seating options including tables and sofas. Alternatively, you can opt for the outdoor section featuring garden-style furniture.

66 cottage cafe bangkok

The menu is extensive and includes a selection of sweet and savory treats. 

For those seeking delectable treats, options include the Egg Salad Sandwich, a thick bread layered with ham and egg. Alternatively, the daily menu offers rotating choices such as Kanom Jeen and Chicken Curry Rice , complemented by a refreshing honey lime soda .

“In a bustling city like Bangkok, the discovery of a hidden oasis like 66 Cottage in Soi Sukhumvit 66 is a true delight.”

66 cottage cafe bangkok

For a change of pace, indulge in English Toffee Latte – a latte infused with aromatic English toffee syrup. You can also experience the Affogato, where velvety vanilla ice cream meets a shot of intense espresso, perfectly balancing sweetness. Don’t miss the Caramel Macchiato – a delightful coffee concoction with a base of chocolate biscuit. 

For dessert, explore the Shibuya Honey Toast, exquisitely buttered and crisp on the outside, while soft on the inside. Another option is the Chocolate Lava , boasting a rich flavor profile paired with a scoop of ice cream.

66 cottage cafe bangkok


In a bustling city like Bangkok, the discovery of a hidden oasis like 66 Cottage in Soi Sukhumvit 66 is a true delight. With its tranquil English garden atmosphere and spacious green lawn, it offers a unique retreat for the community. The owner”s vision of creating a space where people can gather, relax, learn, and connect has truly come to life. Whether it’s sipping Lavazza coffee while indulging in delicious treats, participating in health activities, or simply enjoying the serene surroundings, 66 Cottage stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and community spirit.

66 cottage cafe bangkok
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